4 WD Darling River Run Tours Sydney NSW

Travel the length of one of Australia’s greatest rivers, Experience Back O’ Bourke; Sheep Stations, Historic Woolsheds; Broken Hill; Mungo…..

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Personal Outback Tours “Darling River Run”:

  • Fully Accommodated but a SELF-CATERING tour.
  • 8 Days duration commencing Day 1 in Cobar and ending at end of Day 8 in Balranald.
  • We will cover approximately (tbc 2,500) kilometres.
  • Wherever possible we travel “Outback” roads to give you the best experience. You never know whats around the next bend!!
Our Journey Highlights:
  • Darling River. We travel almost the entire length of the Darling River until it joins the mighty Murray River at Wentworth, NSW
  • Bourke: “If you know Bourke you know Australia” , Henry Lawson
  • Sheep Station Stay, Talk and Station Tour
  • Historic Outback Pubs. Yes we will stop for a beverage.
  • Menindee Lakes: Learn about the Darling Rivers massive lake system.
  • Historic Woolsheds
  • BROKEN HILL. We give you a free day in “The Hill” with “Things to Do” supplied to you in our Tour Welcome Pack so you can plan your day in Australia’s only Heritage Listed town. Our accommodation plan will excite you!!
  • Mungo National Park. We take a tour to the iconic “Walls of China” hosted by one of Mungo’s amazing Indigenous Rangers. You will hang on EVERY word of your guide.

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What More do I Need to Consider?
  • BRING your sense of Anticipation and Adventure
  • We supply you with all the Info you will need
  • On receiving your deposit we email you our tour details.
  • 0n CONFIRMING the tour will proceed (minimum number of vehicles reached) a Welcome Pack will be mailed to you 3 weeks prior to the tour commencing consisting of  a USB with a detailed itinerary, checklists, emergency information and contacts, and a copy of out Terms and Conditions (which you must print, sign, scan and email back to us) and all you need to know for your Outback Experience. We recommend you print this information and bring it with you.)
How do I Book?
  • Booking one of our Personal Outback Tours is relatively straight forward
  • READ our FAQ Page
  • Read our T’s & C’s sign and return to us at least 2 weeks prior to departure
  • Click HERE to access our Booking Form